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Documentation Services
Propel your company’s success to a new level through innovative, customized and professional documentation services and maintenance. 

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Business Development
Whether you’re a budding non-profit or a larger for-profit business, MCDS is committed to equipping your business with innovative strategies, practical solutions and streamlined systems to ensure the development, growth and success of your business. 

Management Solutions
We provide your company with quality assistance from the beginning of your project to the end in the areas of program, project and construction management. 

MCDS LLC is a woman-owned,  boutique style management-consulting firm headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana. Founded in 2014, we take our 15 years of federal government experience and provide a wide variety of businesses, government entities and non-profit organizations with program and project management, disaster recovery, and federal program compliance and documentation services.

Emergency Planning
Using our expertise, experience and inventive strategies, MCDS is ready to guide your company through preparing and recovering from a disaster, including assisting you with FEMA public assistance and grants. 

Partnering with your company to increase productivity and efficiency with innovative, professional management consulting services. 

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At MCDS, LLC we are committed to developing strong and open relationships with your company. Whether it’s: ensuring your prepared for a disaster or guiding you through one, implementing innovative strategies and operations that aid in your companies development and success or increasing efficiency and organization through documentation management services — you have a solid resource and foundation in us.

Our team is committed to ensuring you deliver quality product, while also receiving the remarkable customer service you deserve. 

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